Immortal Productions – Sava Lakh Music Video

International music production group Immortal Productions contacted bubble media to help produce a collaboration music video for a key feature track (Sava Lakh) which would be released to coincide with the Sikh new year, Vaisakhi, in 2011.

After several consultations bubble media produced several animation sequences based on the amazing artwork by Art of Punjab and Sikhi Art. The animations completely transformed the still art into captivating, moving imagery that could be used within the final video.

The Immortal Productions team happened to be in India toward the release date of the final video and decided to contract a video production company to capture the Sikh martial art of Gatka being performed by highly admired martial artists. This was then incorporated into the final video.

Below are some of the pre-production animations for the final video (please allow time for the videos to start playing!).