Khalsa Aid – Focus Punjab – Shaheed Parivaars

Khalsa Aid is an international organisation dedicated to raising awareness of poverty around the world and delivering tangible contributions and help in places that require it. Khalsa Aid has provided help in places such as Haiti, Gujarat, and Africa just to name a few areas.

The latest campaign for Khalsa Aid is Focus Punjab – Shaheed Parivaars which draws attention to the Sikh families living in poor conditions due to the mass killings of Sikh men in 1984. This cause is extremely real and Khalsa Aid are not only bringing international awareness of it but they are actually doing something about it.

Khalsa Aid approached bubble media after being impressed with our previous work (Stop The Silence) and were keen to know how we could make a promotional video for the Focus Punjab Shaheed Parivaars campaign.

After an e-consultation and several talks we were able to establish the exact requirements and start the design process.

What did we do?

bubble media‘s approach is always to define the brief and to use it as a platform to conceptualise and instigate a visual idea. This project was no different.

The script that was given to us had so much emotion and energy that we were able to harness. Our Voice Over actor, Sundeep Singh Osahn, was at hand to provide the exact voice we wanted with enough emphasis on certain key words and sections of the script.

After the VO was complete we set to build a 3D model of the Golden Temple, Akal Takht and worked our angles in the initial sequence.

At the draft stage of the video a ‘rough cut’ was given to our sound engineer, MSMD Studio (link to his work) in order for a custom soundtrack to be produced.

The overall work was as follows:

  • consultation
  • concept development
  • storyboard
  • voiceover
  • 3D modelling (Golden Temple complex and Village scene)
  • animation (Golden Temple scene, Village scene and photo frames)
  • rendering
  • video production
Here are some of the development and final frames from the video, along with the final cut.

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To find out more about MSMD Studio visit this link.