Stop The Silence **International Hit**

bubble media are proud to be a part of helping create awareness of subjects and topics that would otherwise go unnoticed. contacted bubble media with a notion to have a video made that would address the 1984 issue of injustices against the Sikhs. After several consultations a final idea was sketched out onto storyboards and was quickly approved. In order to shoot and produce the video within a short timespan, bubble media enlisted the creative direction of Sundeep Singh Osahn, a well known photographer and creative consultant.

The video Stop The Silence has become an international hit, with figures such as such as Tigerstyle, Immortal Productions, Jay Sean, Amnesty International, Sikh TV, Sangat TV, Sikh Channel, Zee TV and many other organisations continually promoting the video.

bubble media included the following within this video:

  • consultations
  • concept development
  • storyboarding
  • videography
  • direction
  • post production (including 3D elements)
  • publicising through various media outlets

Below is the final video.


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